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How to Stop Phone Solicitors from Calling?

The problem with phone solicitors did not completely end when the do not call list was developed. First of all, it can take weeks to appear on the list after a new phone number is established. Secondly, some organizations are legally allowed to keep calling without invitation. Charitable organizations are on that list, and even though the solicitors are calling for a charitable donation, the calls are no less aggravating. Caller ID is one way to filter genuine calls from those trying to take your money, but the ability to screen the calls does not stop the incessant calling. It is possible to stop calls from phone solicitors in a number of clever ways. Although these ways to stop phone solicitors from calling are not guaranteed to work, they will definitely aggravate the solicitors as much as they aggravate the people they call.


Ask to Be Removed from the List

Before resorting to unkind tactics to stop telephone solicitors from calling, simply ask to be removed from the list. Let the caller know you are writing down the date and time of the call as well as any other details. Sometimes this is enough to stop phone solicitors from calling, but in many cases they will keep on calling and using your phone without your permission. It sometimes takes a few clever tips and tricks to stop the calls for good, and you can have a little fun in the process.

Put Them on Hold - Permanently

Most phone solicitors are grossly underpaid for the abuse they endure, and time is money when trying to convince people to open their wallet. If a phone solicitor will not take no for an answer and will not stop calling, put them on hold. Tell them to hold on before laying the phone down, and come back in ten minutes or after you hear the screeching tone that signals an open line. Do this each time that company calls and maybe they will eventually stop calling.

Waste Their Time as They Have Wasted Yours

When phone solicitors have been repeatedly asked to stop calling and they continue to call time and time again, begin wasting their time as they have wasted yours. Before spending too much time listening to a sales pitch, ask them to tell you all about it. Lay the phone down and come back in ten minutes or when the phone is screaming off the hook. Do this each time the offending solicitors call and chances are they will finally grant your wish and stop calling once and for all.

Stop the Calls with Wild Stories

Do you feel as if you need valid sounding excuses to stop listening to the ramblings of phone solicitors? Make up a wild story. Tell the robotic voice reading the teleprompter that the toilet has overflowed into the kitchen, and promptly hang up the phone. Make up a different story each time the offending phone solicitors call and chances are they will get the hint and finally stop calling.

Stop the Calls by Hanging Up

The quickest way to stop a telephone from ringing is to answer it, but when a phone solicitor keeps calling and calling after repeatedly being asked to stop, excuses either real or imaginary are no longer necessary. When the telephone begins ringing and the caller ID shows the same solicitors calling for the umpteenth time, simply pick up the receiver and put it down again. This is a quick and easy way to stop telephone solicitors from calling since they will eventually get tired of connecting to a dead line.

Ask for a Financial Statement to Stop the Calls

Charities are fantastic organizations that help the less fortunate, but charities that keep calling via phone solicitors are not taken seriously. With the wide range of scams that are designed to steal the funds of unsuspecting contributors, it is not wise to donate to any charity by phone - unless you have initiated that call. The surest way to be removed from the list of a charity that uses telephone solicitors is to ask for a financial statement showing how the donations are dispersed. The solicitors representing that charity, either fake or otherwise, will eventually stop calling if you demand a financial statement each and every time they call.