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House vs apartment what to choose

Choosing between a house and an apartment can be a tough decision. There are many factors to consider, but in the end it comes down to your personal situation, neither is better than the other is. So which one to choose? We will try to find an answer in this article.


Apartment benefits

Apartments offer a typically lower price than homes if renting. If buying you have the added income from rental units, which is an advantage. In this, apartments are typically best for people just staring out as they can save up the smaller deposit needed to get an apartment versus the much higher cost of a home down payment.

There is little to no maintenance, while you may pay an added fee for this it is typically included in your rent. This often covers common areas such as hallways, garden areas and other shared spaces. The maintenance team also resolves larger maintenance issues such as electrical, heat and water problems.

You can save time and money with the lack of maintenance and the location of an apartment. Typically, they are located in an inner city setting which can offer convenience to both workplaces, and shopping centers.

Benefits of a House

Space is one of the leading benefits of a home. While some apartments are roomy, they are still small compared to the average house. People who like space or have large families will usually prefer a house to an apartment.

Outdoor space is also an advantage to a house, even a small yard is much more than you have in an apartment. You can choose to have a patio, pool, garden or deck as you wish without sharing with the entire apartment complex.

Privacy and design freedom are also factors in your own home. You will not have shared communal areas, except perhaps a driveway. You can also decorate the inside and outside of your home as you. This can be important at the holidays for those who enjoy outside decorations.

Money is saved by not paying maintenance fees; however home owners association fees can cost as much or even more than maintenance fees. Capital growth is also much better with a house in a good location with modern features.

Choosing between a house and an apartment comes down to lifestyle and preferences. A single adult working in the city will usually prefer a small apartment while a large family will want the room to play outside that a house offers.